Sunday, August 06, 2006

Raiding the Emergency fund

I am in an interesting situation. What started as something done for fun, showed me how much i can save over the next couple of months. Sadly, i wont be able to meet my retirement fund goals, i.e I can not max out my roth IRA and roth 401K. In order to meet that goal, i would have to raid into my emergency fund, thereby wiping out 40% of the fund. 60% of the fund would be sufficent to meet about 3 months of my expenses. but the dilemma comes from the fact that it would take me years to get the fund to its original level. The only silver lining is that i dont predict to be in this situation next year.

A lesson i learned is that you can get overwhelmed by the opportunities to save just as you can get overwhelmed by the opportunities to spend. Lesson: Pick and choose what saving types you want, for you cant have all saving types.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Time to blog

Having a full time job that eats up most of your time plus daily chores resultsing in having so little time to blog. I wonder how other bloggers find time to blog? or maybe i am plain old lazy to blog often as i should :)