Monday, February 27, 2006

Things I Learned Today

My short notes on things that are interesting

  1. Health is Wealth A site that lists the portions needed for the 5 a day rule. Vegetables and fruit

  2. A excellent review of three credit monitoring websites offered by the same company!!! by stopbuyingcrap. btw the credit score given by these websites are fake (approximation of the actual one). To see the actual one you need to go to myFICO. myFICO has a bunch of calculators that might of interest to you.

  3. myFICO default value for monthly expense is $2500. hmm interesting

  4. Found this interesting rule @ financial train wreck If you haven’t used it in 12 months, you probably won’t, so get rid of it. Either sell it or give it away. Exceptions: family keepsakes and some paper records

  5. This is a good site for magazine subscriptions. btw i subscribe to money, consumer report and get a lot of tech magazines for free. i plan to keep money and drop others.

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