Sunday, March 26, 2006

CNN way to park money

He Said She Said

CNN Money article lists four options on where to put your savings.
1. If you're just starting to save - Best choice: Online savings accounts. I got one at HSBC

2. If you have lots of idle cash - Best choice: Money-market funds. I dont think so. despite risks, i would say invest (stocks, real estate)

3.If you need your cash at a specific time - Best choice: Certificates of deposit. i got one with dcu. but i park my emergency fund as CD. Crazy huh? but trust me it works. I wont break the CD unless its a true emergency. Also DCU allows you to take loan against the CD for very little rate. The money in the savings account bank is always an motivation to spend.

4.If your low-risk savings are devoted to long-term goals - Best choice: Short-term bond funds. again i would say build a portfolio.

In the list they say about things not to do with cash, they say dont invest in bonds (TIPS, Ibonds, EE Bonds). I dont think so, i dont like EE bonds, but TIPS for roth IRA and Ibonds for parking unexpected windfall of money looks good.

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