Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jan 2008 review

January ended without any problem, well within the budget. Here is how we spend the money in Jan

39.2% - Saving
23.0% - Other saving funds ( fund ofr home, buying a new car, for travel and emergency fund)
22.4% - tax
7.6% - Rent
7.8% - Other expense

Of the close to 40% of savings about 10% was saved for buying stocks in taxable account, rest were investments in HSA and 401Ks. The tax rate of 22.4% might be a bit high, we plan to readjust the W4 around june. I want to make sure by year end i owe the government about $500. About expenses, they come to about 15% of the entire salary, of which rent takes away about half. But really the rent is only average for the area i stay. So all in all a good month for the books. Its a good start, i hope we can maintain the above 60% saving rate all through this year.

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