Monday, January 07, 2008

shopping at costco

Today we went to costco, our monthly shopping ritual. Costco is one place where you can spend money thinking that you are saving !. How ironic if you ask me. The concept is real simple, when things are priced less (by increasing the quantity) people tend to buy more. That plus the placement of products ensures that the checkout lines are always full. So our costco shopping strategy is to go with a shopping list and ensure that we stick to the list. Once at costco we tend to move quickly through the first set of display items (big ticket items that can result in impluse buy). and for a family of two, our average costco bill is kept below $100. What about your strategies for shopping at wholesale stores?

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sfordinarygirl said...

I shopped at Costco earlier this summer, made a list with some estimates and brought $40 in cash because I was borrowing a Costco card. I spent about $30 by sticking to my list - almonds, soy milk and a few other things. I wanted to buy the salmon but they were huge and my freezer doesn't have the capacity to store that much seafood.

You shopped smart at costco with the list. It's too easy and tempting to buy everything in sight. Lord knows I could eat three of their polish hot dogs - they're just that good.